Dueño Vende
Breathtaking Forest In Chile


Dueño Vende en X Los Lagos - Castro

Fecha publicación: 29/03/2019

Precio: $950.000.000

UF: 25.315

  •      0 / 16480000 m²

Equipamiento: no

Descripción: The land consist in 1648 hectares. The undergrowth is rich in an exceptional varied foams and a dense shrub vegetation with a predominance of bamboos, called ” Quila “. The forest is bordered by a tumultuous and deeply embanked river , called Yaldad, which has given its name to the forest, and crossed by several other rivers and some trails. YALDAD is still an exceptional forest of the island enjoying a bio diversity, flora and fauna, almost intact.

It is one of the few remaining forests sheltering endangered species such as the ” Zorro del monte ” a specific small fox of the island, the ” Pudu ” a small deer, the “Monito del monte” the smallest monkey in the world, wild cats. Otters, trout and salmon in the rivers. Birds in large numbers, chucaos, watewates, little green parrots etc…

  • Tipo de Propiedad: Fundo
  • Estado: Nueva
  • Comuna: Castro
  • Operación: Venta
  • Región: X Los Lagos
  • Cercano a: Tantauco Park



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